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1779 German (Hanover) Kettle drums at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - From the curators' comments: "This magnificent pair of royal kettle drums was made for the Royal Life Guards of George III (1738-1820), King of Great Britain and Ireland and Elector of Hanover, whose royal coat-of-arms they bear. These ceremonial instruments would have been played on horseback accompanied by similarly mounted trumpeters leading the royal procession for state events."

Mayuri | 19th century | India | Chordophone-Lute | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York | The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments, 1889 | 89.4.163

Lira, ca. 1890 Greece Wood, tortoiseshell, ivory; The lira is a descendant of the rebec, a bowed folk and minstrel instrument of the late Middle Ages. The ancient type survives in Greece and other countries of the southern Balkans, but rarely as elaborately decorated as this one. Shown here without a bow, this lira has a reconstructed bridge.