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Erkunde Luft 46, Wehrmacht und noch mehr!

An Indian Sikh at his Majestys service. Commando trained and wielding a thompson.

William II, Prince of Orange

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Grizzled veteran of the Eastern Front. Member of the much feared 13th Mech Guards.

In 1931, Hugo Boss was Contracted by Hitler's regime to design and manufacture uniforms for the SS, SA and Hitler Youth.

An Officer of the 15th (or King’s) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, 1768, by Tilly Kettle. The battle honor ‘Emsdorf’ (1760), during the Seven Years War, seen on the front of this officer’s helmet, was the first ever to be awarded to a British regiment. Granted by Royal Warrant in 1768, the right to bear the word on guidons and appointments was only given to the 15th (or King’s) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons. These helmets were made of black-enamelled copper, with a crest of red horsehair.

Chaplain (Captain) Aloisius Graham is Chief Exorcist and the highest ranking chaplain of No.13 Commando. As most of the clergymen in the Commando, Father Graham is a minister of the Holy Roman Church for it has been stated that demons and fiends find Catholic rites of Banishment the most repugnant.