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Erkunde Charakter Vorlage, Zmea Charakter und noch mehr!

Dantrag: Dantrag was weapon master of house Baenre. Tall and handsome with amber eyes, he carried two swords, one of which (Khazid'hea or "Cutter") was made in the surface world and had an evil intelligence of its own. Always under the shadow of Drizzt's father, he was happy to challenge Drizzt to a duel, and he died despite the quickening power of his magic bracers. Cattie-Brie, Drizzt's ally, claimed his sword.

Human Female Thief... sometimes she steals my ideas & concepts & passes them off as her own...

Nara é uma halfing ritualista, eximia arqueira e cabeça quente. 8o. nível. Ela é uma Deviniana e muito curiosa. Ansiosa mas meticulosa.

Grundlage für die Erstellung des Oberkörpers für Brust- und Rückenpanzer