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ibride Les Dandys Charles IBRIDE

Grundlage für die Erstellung des Oberkörpers für Brust- und Rückenpanzer

Boggart (Celtic) - Frog people that live in swamps and which are extremely hostile toward humans. These creatures are very stupid and have much superstition going on. Boggarts serve Zmey and especially Vodyanoi without question. They sometimes use other frog-creatures such as Tiddalik as mounts.

“Live to the point of tears.” ― Albert Camus My latest Look Book ~ Designer: The Gypsies Caravan ( Models:Moon Flower, Jun J Bustamante, Cassandra Wahuhi Photography: KMarie Photography "The Hermit Dress" By RunWith TheTribe Flower Crown by Katelyn Demalow

Kobold Chieftain - Pathfinder by on @DeviantArt

Headdresses Pagan Wicca Witch: #Headdress.

kobold grenadier by WanderingInPixels on deviantART

Rabbit Prince by on @deviantART