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Erkunde Koreanisch Kpop, Koreanische Pop- und noch mehr!

Ok first of all heck yeah yoonmin and second i literally looked at theorys and at the book Demian an everything that belongs to this all fucking day long in hope to under stand wings but i have just thousend more questions and its fucking frustraiting but i cant just wait and let it be it bothers me and i need to know what all this means argghh

yerees: “ “this hair, this stare, this moment in general needs to be blessed ” ”

This applies to Korean dramas, variety shows, Kpop artist's interviews..the whole shebang actually! lol

The feeling when you've picked one vaguely familiar word lol

Jungkook... Well, I can't say anything because I do the same thing.

I hate when this happens it make me angry and I start cussing at my phone and throwing stuff I'm such a weirdo