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Figurative language 2: A metaphor is a comparison without using the words like or as. In the story of in the time of the butterflies, Alvarez uses a metaphor to express Trujillo as the devil. This phrase was used when Sinita had spoke about Trujillo's secret to Minerva. At this point in the story, comparing Trujillo to a devil was very ironic because since the beginning everyone had expressed/thought about him as a God. When Sinita said he was a devil a very dark image of this dictator…

The legends go that the first incubus was born of a demon and angel. Abandoned by both parents on earth, he became jealous and searched for a way to increase his power so as to destroy them. He found that through sex he was able to absorb the life force of a human.

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Just woke up from a nightmare. I was prophesied in the dream that i would fight the devil and kill him, later i was being carried by my throat up my stairs and i turned my body in its hand, stared it in the face, and said I'm going to kill you. To which it smiled, and i woke up shaking. I'm scared to go back to sleep and want someone to hold me :(

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What's Your Lotería Alter Ego?

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"What, can the devil speak true?" This quote is Banquo's reaction to Macbeth being named 'Thane of Cawdor', which was a prediction of the witches. This confirms the witches supernatural talents. It's not abnormal to love the paranormal! Join our boards to connect with authors and learn about the process of writing and character creation. Visit Substance Books to discover some amazing new paranormal novels!