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Manna Lounge, on top of the Tunnel is real treat. It is a short drive from the Buda apartments, about 10 minutes max. Mind the many steps that lead up to it.

Arany Kaviár (Golden Caviar) Restaurant - oh, yes, this is the place to eat CAVIAR (2 minutes from Castle Hill, 10 minutes from Kaplar apartments)

Cafe Pierrot Restaurant - Also up in the Castle, great both inside and outside (5 minutes walk from Castle Hill, 15 minutes from Kaplar apartments)

21 Hungarian Bistro up in the Castle with fantastic food (5 minutes walk from Castle Hill, 15 minutes walk from KAPLAR)

Baldaszti's ZONA is a great wine bar on the BUda side near ChainBridge. They also have a small gourmet market store

Good company, good food and art meets here in this cozy café. It is very child-friendly too and is right next door to Studio11. A local favourite!

I just found this fantastic cake shop at Döbrentei tér, hiding right by the foot of the church.Tiny Asztalka Cukrászda is undoubtedly a place to visit that is not flooded by tourist but gives an unforgettable memory from Budapest. Márta, the owner is just as sweet as her cakes and drinks.

Muhely Café and Art Gallery with the best croissant in town and great programs. it is also available for private parties and exhibitions