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Erkunde Vimeo, Kapitel und noch mehr!

Chapter I: The Discovery - Félix Luque Sanchez |

Russian Photographer Katerina Plotnikova - Google Search

Clement Briend Projects Digital Deities Onto Trees in Cambodia

Cambodian Trees

'intervention invading network' is a series of network installations by german artist irene anton in locations around the world. each piece is composed of between 100 and 150 recycled pairs of tights that have been knotted together and arranged into interconnected lines and nodes (where balls stuffed within the pantyhose create these bulbs).

Inspiración para tu móvil en forma de Fondos de pantalla. #Smartphone #MAXmovil

3D mapping projection by IRIE_PIXEL² ("The Mine" - Volks, Brighton, 2012)

Watch How "Electronic Makeup" Completely Transforms This Model's Face

Nobumichi Asai has used projection mapping to put CGI onto cars, docks, building and more. His latest canvas? A real, live human face.