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Periwinkle und Tinkerbell © Disney


Pooh with Bees

Adorable! Most people say Micky Mouse is who started Disney and I couldn't agree more. But I also feel like this bear is a forgot Disney original in the mix of mouse and princesses and pixie dust. For me Winnie the Pooh was my childhood Disney star followed by a very famous mouse :)

i've always been obsessed with tinkerbell. I think this is my favorite tattoo idea of her though.

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Vidia - Fast Flying Type - Once she warms up to you, you can always rely on her

The original Tinkerbell was a brat, and I loved that about her. It made her seem so real instead of perfect. Her brattiness was a huge part in Peter Pan. Now because Disney can't think of any other ideas they made her nice and have 3 billion sequels. Stay real Tink!

Cheat-sheet for drawing girl legs sideways.  This is mostly from my own observation, and using the straight/curve principal for appeal in drawing.