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Erkunde Frauenrechte, Historisches und noch mehr!

Lovely picture of Nellie Bly, partial inspiration for "Into the Lair" heroine -- during her Victorian era.

Hugh Dancy in Daniel Deronda // Another good choice for an "Into the Lair" character; could be Edmund or one of his peers. Note the high, stiff color and tie, or possibly an ascot, together with a waistcoat and topcoat. #victorian #costume

Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux, 1990. Image inspiration for Edmund, the hero of upcoming "Into the Lair." Devilish investigative reporter/newspaper owner with a very dark secret--and a passion for the mysterious, out-of-her-time heroine Emma. Screencap taken from video courtesy of billyjill.

Romola Garai in "Daniel Deronda" never seen the movie, but I love the costume! // Ridiculously beautiful Garai, plus Hugh Bonneville (from Downton Abbey) as a real dastard. Throughout this miniseries Garai has the most gorgeous #costumes ever; perfect for late 1870s #victorian woman.

Part of Charles Booth's poverty map showing the Old Nichol in the East End, published in 1889 in Life and Labour of the People of London. Red - middle class/wealthy; light blue - poor, 18s to 21s a week; dark blue - very poor, chronic want; black - lowest class, occasional labourers, street sellers, loafers, criminals & semi criminals."

Emma possible model once she time-shifts. Megan Follows again, this time in late Victorian/early Edwardian costume. Love her youthful excitement here. So tired of paranormal heroines being either angsty/TSTL damsels-in-distress or angry sourpusses. Emma is feisty but not bitchy; compassionate but not wussy.

steampunk // Well, not really Steampunk. Just Victorian. Honestly, there IS a difference! :) Anyway, excellent option for inspiration for "Into the Lair" -- A worthy Edmund, albeit perhaps not cynical enough. But what a quibble for a handsome man. EDITED: Oh holy cow, THIS is Jonathan Jackson? I AM SO OLD.

Lovely picture of Isabelle Adjani from "The Story of Adele H," a French film from 1975. It takes place a bit too early (1863) but I love the look of this determined young Victorian woman writing and thinking at night.

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