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Lovely picture of Nellie Bly, partial inspiration for "Into the Lair" heroine -- during her Victorian era.

steampunk // Well, not really Steampunk. Just Victorian. Honestly, there IS a difference! :) Anyway, excellent option for inspiration for "Into the Lair" -- A worthy Edmund, albeit perhaps not cynical enough. But what a quibble for a handsome man. EDITED: Oh holy cow, THIS is Jonathan Jackson? I AM SO OLD.

Lovely picture of Isabelle Adjani from "The Story of Adele H," a French film from 1975. It takes place a bit too early (1863) but I love the look of this determined young Victorian woman writing and thinking at night.

In Darkest London: A Social Documentary of the East End in the 1880s: Margaret Harkness. Harkness was a Victorian journalist/social reformer who moved to an East End tenament in order to experience the life of the poor, which she wrote about in a series of "slum novels." "In Darkest London" is one of them. A must-read for research. #victorian #journalist

Young woman reading, London, England, 1890s.

File:Lillie Langtry by Napoleon Sarony, 1882.jpg // From Wikimedia. Another Lillie shot, mainly because of this FABULOUS... gown or coat, I can't quite tell which. Looks like burnout velvet with a fur or possibly feather collar. Wow! Wardrobe inspiration for "Into the Lair" Victorian female characters.

Romola Garai in "Daniel Deronda" never seen the movie, but I love the costume! // Ridiculously beautiful Garai, plus Hugh Bonneville (from Downton Abbey) as a real dastard. Throughout this miniseries Garai has the most gorgeous #costumes ever; perfect for late 1870s #victorian woman.

Victorian gentleman // AKA Richard Armitage, I believe from "North and South." Costume reminds me of earlier Victorian gent photo, which means I'm on target re: that pic's timeline, as N&S is Gaskell & she's 1860s. It's the tall collar that's a dead giveaway! Oh yeah, btw, Armitage? Looovely!

Part of Charles Booth's poverty map showing the Old Nichol in the East End, published in 1889 in Life and Labour of the People of London. Red - middle class/wealthy; light blue - poor, 18s to 21s a week; dark blue - very poor, chronic want; black - lowest class, occasional labourers, street sellers, loafers, criminals & semi criminals."

Emma possible model once she time-shifts. Megan Follows again, this time in late Victorian/early Edwardian costume. Love her youthful excitement here. So tired of paranormal heroines being either angsty/TSTL damsels-in-distress or angry sourpusses. Emma is feisty but not bitchy; compassionate but not wussy.

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