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Erkunde Erster, Bonsai und noch mehr!

Spitzahorn im Frühling, erster Austrieb

Herons Bonsai Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Most people buy their first bonsai tree because they think it is attractive or will suit their decor. But this is not a good basis on which to make a choice. If you are a beginner, you should select a species that is easy to keep and that is appropriate for the conditions you are able to offer. The best place to buy a bonsai and bonsai accessories is a specialist bonsai nursery.

Llorón.Here it is.This is my favorite one.I think the willow is going to be my first one,maybe.

Global Design Project #017 - Geburtstagskarte Stempelwiese • Mein erster kreativer Beitrag 2016 ist heute ein Beitrag zum Global Design Project». Dieses Mal gibt es wieder eine Farbchallenge, dh hast, wenn man bei de

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Living Landscapes in Miniature

Bonsaibäumchen mit Miniatur-Hobbithöhle

newzealandteatreebonsai - This Leptospermum Scoparium has been blooming since May 2011. The bloom is reaching its' peak. So I decided to photo it. This is the first time I photo this tea tree which I have been training over the last 12 years. It was kind of neglected until about 3 years ago when I started to pay more attention to it.

Andrea Shaw first introduced me to this on her website And after living in japan and falling in love with ikebana, these string gardens are delicate and beautiful and something I could not make.