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Erkunde Erster, Bonsai und noch mehr!

Spitzahorn im Frühling, erster Austrieb

Global Design Project #017 - Geburtstagskarte Stempelwiese • Mein erster kreativer Beitrag 2016 ist heute ein Beitrag zum Global Design Project». Dieses Mal gibt es wieder eine Farbchallenge, dh hast, wenn man bei de

Herons Bonsai Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Most people buy their first bonsai tree because they think it is attractive or will suit their decor. But this is not a good basis on which to make a choice. If you are a beginner, you should select a species that is easy to keep and that is appropriate for the conditions you are able to offer. The best place to buy a bonsai and bonsai accessories is a specialist bonsai nursery.

Beginner Bonsai | Learn How to Save Your First Bonsai Tree

Portulacaria afra (dwarf jade) bonsai forest started from a garden center plant. 6 years in training. The first picture shows how I started the group using rocks to keep the trunks upright. Then for the next few years I constantly pruned to achieve the overall shape. The last picture shows the group in April 2014. Still nowhere near complete but that's the best part of bonsai. It's never finished.

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The curious case of the running daikon radish

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【cantaro_san】さんのInstagramをピンしています。 《fuck #pfw you make me miss my sakura bonsai first fall blooming 😒😒😒❤️🌸❤️ #sakura #bonsai #pfw2016 #桜 #花見 #japan #日本》

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Bonsai Tree Rare Maple Seeds Plants Pot Suit for DIY Home Garden Japanese Maple Seeds 20 Pcs

Germination time: 10-15 days For germination temperature: 18-25 Celsius. Package: 1 PP Simple Packaging Applications: Garden, living room, potted plants, garden Planting instructions: Before sowing the first seeds and wet sand mix, on the interior for 15 days in the Sand During sand storage to regularly check and found the seeds germinate, to timely sowing. Seeding rate 200 per square meter or so. After sowing covered 0.3-0.5 cm of fine soil,germination temperature is 18-25 degrees. The…