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Erkunde Cc Creme, Pflege Make-Up und noch mehr!

Essence CC Cream & Oil Control Makeup Base TEST

How to Master the Dewy Look Without Looking Greasy

Mastering the dewey look is possible in 6 easy steps! We've got the primer, foundation, and blush you'll need to get the fresh-faced look.

No Eyeliner Required: 4 Looks That Don’t Require Liner

no liner

In the Bag: Lip Gloss

MDC's Guide to Lip Gloss

Your Foolproof Concealer Map

Whether you're looking to cover dark undereye circles, contour your cheekbones, or cover imperfections, we've got a foolproof concealer map that will help give you a perfect complexion!

Here's How To Do Your Makeup So It Looks Incredible In Pictures

Makeup Tricks - Wenn Du keine Lust hast, Dein ganzes Gesicht zu schminken, kannst Du schon einen starken Effekt erzielen, wenn Du nur Deine Augenbrauen ausfüllst.

An Explanation Of The Proper Use For Every Makeup Brush.

The Foundation Mistake Everyone Is Making

Applying foundation properly requires so much more than just coating your skin with makeup. There is a simple mistake that just about everyone makes when it comes to applying foundation, so read further to see if you’re making this major makeup mistake.