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Leni Riefenstahl - centre, in a white dress - during the shooting of "Triumph of the Will"

Lviv, Ukraine, A woman forced to kneel with her raised hands, 30/06/1941-03/07/1941.

German soldiers hang two Russian partisan women, WWII.

Львов.18.07.1943 Женщины приветствуют легионеров дивизии СС "Галиция"

Max goose step by Luftwaffe honor guard. Extremely difficult to learn and practice. This manner is today prevalent in Russia and China and a few other countries influenced by the German military tradition.

Just faces of soldiers of Russian Liberation Army (ROA) and RONA

A Finnish Waffen-SS battalion returning home from the Eastern Front.

Berlin. Polizeibataillon 9. Verabschiedung.