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Einfache Frauenkleidung Sui/Tang, Historische Rekonstruktion

Good design for Kate, fairly modest, but still a loud dress

in love with turbans

Woman's Short Informal Robe | China | Qing dynasty (1644–1911) | The Met

A Chinese Bridal Ensemble later Remodelled, Qing Dynasty,…

Embroidered ceremonial robeEmbroidered ceremonial robe of the Qing Dynasty

Tang Dynasty. Short-sleeved upper garment with low-cut collar over jacket and skirt. 128 cm sleeve span and 144 cm length. Reconstruction based on unearthed pottery figurines. [Figure 156 in 5000 Years of Chinese Costume.]

Mid Tang Dynasty photo from an out of print book, "5,000 years of Chinese costumes"

Hanfu from China, Ming Dynasty. Founded in 1368 AD by Zhu Yuanzhang, this was the last feudal dynasty in Chinese history. Spanning over 276 years and 19 emperors, it was drawn to an end in 1644 AD. This was due to tax increases, widespread military desertions, and natural disasters such as floods and famines.

Sinology Sunday: Western Han dynasty Quju

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