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Erkunde Berechnungen, Bereits und noch mehr!

Bereits Babylonier berechneten Planetenläufe geometrisch . . . . . . Abb: M.Ossendrijver(HU)

This image, captured on Oct. 14, 2015 by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows heavily cratered terrain around the north pole of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus.<br />

A diagram (not to scale) of how gravitational lensing works.

Move Over, Hubble: Gravity Itself Is The Best Cosmic Telescope Of All

Image credit: NASA - Hubble & Spitzer Space Telescopes, of galaxy EGSY8p7.

Omphalos (Navel of the world) 5th century BCE from the Sacred Way of Delphi

The archaeological community was inspired to excavate when they heard that the city was being flooded by a nearby dam

La NASA publica nuevas fotos de Plutón y sus espectaculares montañas de hielo |

Sites of the "Mound Builders" of North America. ...called mounds because they are so eroded when so named, but they were originally pyramids w grand boulevards - Bartram's Travels pub 1791 describes the remains in Florida

When the World Heritage site we know as the Alamo opened in San Antonio as the Mission San Antonio de Valero, it wasn't the first iteration of the mission. Archeologists now think it was initially founded at a different site in 1718, then moved about a mile away from 1719 until 1724, when a hurricane forced the mission to move a final time. And the researchers also believe that the earliest Alamo predecessor has been found.