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Fringe: Tara Bennet: Englische Bücher

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer - Infographic

Lucky star anime life (just replace 'study; with 'work' and that is my life )

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Left book at home. Feel like crying.

I grin, knowing that we have him trapped. I can almost smell his fear while all the other women shout cries of war. I lift my knife and it glints, reflecting in his green eyes. "Please, love, it doesn't have to be thus way." He begs

Hygge doesn’t have a direct English translation, but this book will help you understand why you need to get into some comfy socks and snuggle up by the fire ASAP.

Getting part of this as a tattoo. "Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic." journalism + Harry Potter = best things ever.

I remember in 1st grade my teacher was telling us not to use the Oxford comma and I'd always get confused growing up and writing

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