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Charlize smiled at me as I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Red eyes watched me, laughing as I staggered and flopped on the broken table. It cracked under my weight and I fell onto broken glass. My blood stained the dirty floor but I didn't care. I was kinda dying at the moment. "Die, die, die darling. Just die!"

Mina... 0.0 || but what?? Cinderella? Or what about my Peter Pan story line? Or…

mydarkenedeyes: Januz Miralles | On Tumblr.

For a more woodsy natural Christmas decor. Looks like a Styrofoam cone covered…

tillaBox: Me Made Mittwoch - 3 | Amy Rock Design Jolijou über

❤️Hello my Love❤️ How are you? Please let me know

My dear Girlfriend, I always got you be me in my heart <3 <3 Meine liebe Freundin, ich hab dich immer bei mir in meinem Herzen <3 <3