Erkunde Betrauert, Leinwand 216 und noch mehr!

Francesco Rosa Genua um 1638 – Nach 1710 Venedig Alexander der Große betrauert den toten Dareios III. (330 v. Chr. bei Hekatompylos). Um 1700 Öl auf Leinwand. 216 × 324 cm (85 × 127 ½ in.)

close enough to restoration but like cmon how can u not pin this

John Huss was a rector of the Czech university. He exposed the cunning brutality of the church. John Huss (a.k.a. Jan Hus) is regarded to be one of the earliest known religious thinkers and reformers in the world. Condemning Hus' uprising, the Church first excommunicated him and then burned him to death, in an unfair trial.

This Day in History: Oct 31, 1517: Martin Luther posts 95 theses

Oliver Cromwell-- hero to the English, much reviled to this day by the Irish. Oliver Cromwell came to Ireland for a 9 month campaign [1649 – 1650]. Brief as the campaign was, he earned a particularly notorious reputation among Catholics as a result of his ruthless military campaign.

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Relief showing a woman of ancient Egypt, giving birth. The goddess Hathor, protector of women during childbirth, assists on either side

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