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This is maybe one of the most powerful pictures I have ever seen. The numbers on the arms are from prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. The numbers replaced their names while at the camps and they were tattooed on so that they could be easily tracked by the Germans. This is why we study history. So this never happens again.

Burning books in Bochum, Germany, in 1933. Including books of jewish poet Else-Lasker Schühler. It's like "Fahrenheit 451 of Ray Bradbury.

Disk Brooch Date: 6th century Culture: Frankish (?) Medium: Gold, wire, iron core

Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who tried to kill Hitler on 20 July 1944

A Tattoo to Remember - Audio & Photos -

October 1944: Oskar Schindler, a German officer, saves 1200 Jews by moving them from Plaszow labor camp to his factory in Sudetenland. Photograph shows Schindler (second from right) with a few of the Jewish workers he saved. Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Auschwitz, Poland, Cremation of bodies by the Sonderkommando, Summer 1944.

A train car which was used to deport Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz