Erkunde Außenbeleuchtung, Richard Patten und noch mehr!

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Versailles 30 von Richard Patten

Osborne House - The Drawing Room Osborne House, Isle of Wight The beloved seaside retreat of Queen Victoria offers a glimpse into the private family life of Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Panel by Antoine Rousseau, Council Chamber, Palace of Versailles, designed by Gabriel in Rocaille style (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1979). France, 18th century.

Demeures Peintes: Gold Fever. Part III.

Houghton Hall. Built in the 1720s by Sir Robert Walpole, one of England’s finest Palladian houses. To realize his dream for a truly magnificent house that would justly reflect his considerable power and status, Walpole employed the architects James Gibbs and Colen Campbell to draw up plans for the house whilst William Kent took charge of the interiors. No expense was spared and each room was lavishly decorated using the finest craftsmen.

Jules Mayblum - Palace of Count P. S. Stroganov. Corner Room (c. 1860).

Cabinet room” from l’hotel de Rochegude a Avignon (via A visit to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs ArtisphereOnline)

winter palace st petersburg interior -The White Drawing Room, The Winter Palace, St Petersburg

Bonesprit | Il Quartiere del Trono nel Palazzo Ducale di Lucca Luigi Catani

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