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Erkunde Heilende Weisheit, Nebeneffekte und noch mehr!

Nutgrass Rhizome Side Effects by Eddie Tan via slideshare

Nutgrass Rhizome: Herb Regulates Menstruation by Eddie Tan via slideshare

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Qigong is simple, direct and effective

According to Eastern traditions the forces of yin and yang are energetic qualities that shape everything in the universe, including our health. The Chinese symbol for yin is the shady side of a hill, while the symbol for yang is the sunny side. Yin qualities include coolness, dampness, and darkness, relative to the yang qualities of warmth, dryness, and light. This has less to do with the actual temperature or moisture of the food and more to do with its “energetics.”

The Microcosmic Orbit

Qigong for Strengthening the Kidneys --- Energy flow is the most powerful (and simple) way I know to remove blockages and the Qigong exercises I would recommend as being most cost effective for overcoming fear Strengthening the Kidneys are... Repinned by & #qigong #acupuncture #health

Apply Reflexology to the Ears

Ear reflexology chart

Qi (or chi)氣 is usually translated as life energy, life force, or energy flow…

The good news is that Chinese Medicine can identify the root cause of eczema and offers safe, natural treatment that I have seen work time and time again.✤ #acupuncture