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No joke this is the convos I have with my friends that don't watch doctor who, when we reach that point they turn around and walk away

Some people think that Dr Who is a freaky geek show and just blow it off because it's got aliens and stuff in it. It's not what you think it is. It's not like Star Wars. It's not like Star Trek. It's so unique and beautiful that i don't understand how its not as popular as those movies. Ive learned these life lessons from the Doctor and everyone should take the opportunity to learn. One last thing: Bow ties are cool. Thanks and good bye

YESYESYES//One time I didn't get out of bed for an hour because I was almost absolutely certain that there was Vashta Nerada on the floor or something.

Everytime I find my pinterest flooded with wedding stuff, I'm gonna flood your page right back!!! Doctor Who Love #doctorwho - I second that!

I understood those references

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I want him to do this so we can go on adventures!!