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The Star - Spiral Tarot... Have you ever imagined that the figure in the Star card rests at the banks of the body of water that is featured in the background of the High Priestess card? The two cards are both quite feminine- the High Priestess discovers meaning by turning inwards, while the Star reaches outward to higher consciousness to discover meaning. -Kiki

DU-17 "Omnia munda mundis" Tout est pur pour ceux qui sont pure

Where multiple choices are concerned, the message of the Two of Swords is to be prepared to be open to all options, otherwise you may loose out. Stay open-minded. {Universal Wirth Tarot}

an ancient greek spell How to restore health and vigour spell

Elemental Protection of Home asking from the Elements to Cleanse and Protect your home! JOIN OUR SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT…

Sangoma fortune telling bones - Among the Zulu sangoma diviners of South Africa, it is common to use a large set of bones and other natural curios. Photo by Horst Klemm