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Erkunde Melkor Mairon, Charakterskizzen und noch mehr!


Maedhros was a Noldor prince and the eldest of the Sons of Fëanor. Maedhros was the first son to take the terrible Oath of Fëanor to recover the jewels. The Oath took Maedhros, his father and his brothers to Middle-earth during the First Age where they established realms in exile, waged war against the armies of Morgoth, fought their own Elvish kind, and eventually brought ruin upon their House.

Aulendil (Sauron) - kimberly80

Galadriel - Queen of Light by on @deviantART

Angband, the last fortress of Melkor. While Melkor was imprisoned in Valinor, Sauron bred Orcs and other foul beasts to be ready upon Melkor's return. After Melkor returned to Middle Earth, now dubbed Morgoth by the Elves, he raised the volcanic mountain range Thangorodrim around Angband to defend it.

Maglor by kimberly80. He is a Noldorin Elf, 2nd son of Feanor. He is the most temperate of the sons of Feanor; he was the only one to try to relinguish his claim to the Silmarils.