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Erkunde Animation, Cosplay und noch mehr!

Amusing. In their defense, they look downright modest compared to many other…

Diabolik lovers, this is one fucked up anime (didn't play the game). First of all, I kind of enjoyed the first half of this with high hopes about the plot being somewhat interesting only for those hopes to crushed by the end of it due to heaps of ill explained plot points. Yui is a doormat. Lacking character development across all characters. Some of the only enjoyable things about this anime is the music and how attractive the guys are along with a few other interesting traits.

Kaneki Ken wow this is amazing #tokyoghoul

Giving this another go. Sometimes you gotta do things yourself. Or should I say. ALL THE TIME. In other news. Can't work with people that cornFLAKE on you. Always expect a flake. That's one of the worse things in being in this scene. You schedule a shoot with someone. And your whole project goes out of wack. If you rented equipment. You're screwed. Studio rental ? Screwed. _____ Also be sure to subscribe to the YouTube. Going to be coming out with some tutorials for you guys that no one…

In the name of the moon! • silver-milleniun: By トイレット

"The century's greatest detective, advertised as solving every case imaginable. How great his burden must be, how much pain must he go through every single moment: past, present and future...a burden so great it would leave you hunched over. A bitter taste in your mouth that would leave you longing for sweets."