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Diabolik lovers, this is one fucked up anime (didn't play the game). First of all, I kind of enjoyed the first half of this with high hopes about the plot being somewhat interesting only for those hopes to crushed by the end of it due to heaps of ill explained plot points. Yui is a doormat. Lacking character development across all characters. Some of the only enjoyable things about this anime is the music and how attractive the guys are along with a few other interesting traits.

Humanized Bugs bunny and Lola bunny

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RWBY. Not completely true you know only those shippers that think shipping is the most important thing in the series and wont respect other people thoughts.

Finding Nemo Fashion by on @deviantART

He's always been the sun bright and cheerful ful of life and I have always been the moon dim and shy

21 Fairytales Brought To Life By Ukrainian Celebrities

21 Fairytales Brought To Life By Ukrainian Celebrities

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