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The amazing Laura Jansen in her newest faun cosplay creation all hand made, and worked on by her. Truly an inspiration! Check out her FB, She documents her progress through most of her costumes and they are basically tutorials.

Omg this is true! My guy friend tried to watch it with me and he lasted up to episode 4. He said "ok Ella I love the 'Gou kou Gou kou kou Gou Arg damn you!' Part but other then that… why in the Hell am I watching this?"

Okay, this Rin and Mako cosplay is much better than others I've seen. They're actually guys!!! <--why does it matter if they're male or not

Amusing. In their defense, they look downright modest compared to many other…

Sword Art Online v1-2 iPhone 1&2 wallpaper More

Ciel -pinning for the sheer fact that this pisses me off. Ciel never had black nail polish and his mark isn't on his hand!!! That was Sebastian. Other than that tho is a pretty good cosplay.

Fairy Tail | Natsu Dragneel | Lucy Heartfilia | Gray Fullbuster

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