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Erkunde Holzhausen 1393, Cloak 14Th und noch mehr!

Gudula Goltsteyn (1393)

Late 14th century"The late 14th century mantle had multiple types of fastenings, one of which was a row of buttons. This type is depicted on a miniature from a Bible Historiale from 1372. Here the fastening is worn on the chest. An alternative for men was to wear the fastening on their right shoulder. This is depicted on the effigy of Johann von Holzhausen (+ 1393) and his wife Gudela Goltsteyn (+ 1371) in the Dom of Frankfurt am Main."

Found on EstateSales.NET: Framed Brass Rubbing

Ludolph of Saxony Vita Christi Miniatures attributed to Jacques de Besançon Paris 1490s Sp Coll MSS Hunter 36-39

Margaret Willoughby (1391). Circlet under goffered veil, interesting things on the veil (hair jewels?), mantle possibly affixed to surcotte (or someone neglected to draw the cord)

British Library, Royal 16 G VI, detail of f. 64 (‘Detail of a miniature of witches being burnt and tortured’). Chroniques de France ou de St Denis. Paris, after 1332, before 1350.

Sexy, Simple, Satirical: 300 Years Of Picnics In Art

An illustration of noblemen enjoying a feast outdoors, from a French edition of The Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus, 15th century.

Henri de Ferrières, Les Livres du roy Modus et de la royne Ratio 334 by peacay, via Flickr

14th century (1320-1330) Hainaut or Valenciennes Bibliothèque nationale de France Français 571: (i.a.) Livre du Trésor by Brunetto Latini fol. 92r