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Calendar page for June with a tournament scene - From the Golf Book (Book of Hours, Use of Rome) - workshop of Simon Bening, Netherlands (Bruges) - c. 1540

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Ambraser Hofjagdspiel (The Ambras Court Hunting pack), c.1445

"The knight still waits silent upon his steed. And after a long moment, he shifts in his brocaded saddle, he puts a heavy booted foot into that stirrup and settles his weight upon it. He pulls his sword in scabbard from the wrapped saddlebags. He dismounts. The snowflakes swirl as he moves, like sand in an underwater stream. The knight stands heavy upon the ground. Then he moves forward. A pale green gaze, like a leaf caught under frost." -- from the novel Sinful Folk…

Thomasin <Circlaere> Welscher Gast (a) Schwaben, um 1460-1470 Cod. Pal. germ. 320 Folio 8v

Um kaum eine andere soziale Schicht des Mittelalters ranken sich so viele Legenden wie um die Ritterschaft. Die Faszination, die von diesen berittenen Kämpfern ausgeht, hat seit dem Mittelalter nic…

An illustration from a manuscript of the 13th Ruffus Century shows the creation of an unlucky association with myopathy (above), creating a hot clothing Ever band (middle) and the surgical treatment of a Huferkrankung. Source: Illustrated Ruffus manuscript, Codex 78 C 15, National Museums in Berlin, fol.26 r (top) , 35r (center), 39r (bottom), from: van den Driesch and Peters.