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Erkunde Pi Dp, Cm Sw und noch mehr!

MC Bruddaal - Debutalbum Bollahits!

MC Bruddaal Tasche, Du bisch mei Number One Jay Roeder Edition MC Bruddaal

Bollahits Popmissive

MC Bruddaal - No ned hudla (Für Stress han I koi Zeit) / No net hudla

Am 13.3.15 isch Releaseparty em Club Zentral Stuttgart. Hier kansch Tickets kaufa!

Bollahits Popmissive

These would turn up the cute on any old pair of oxfords

Youtube-Hit auf Schwäbisch: MC Bruddaal ist ganz lieb

MC Bruddaal en dr Bild Zeitung!

Super easy sock patter and self-striping yarn. Oh how I wish I were a knitter. Mom? :)

On Homesickness

"I didn’t want to make a new home. I wanted to find my way back to where I began. I wanted MY house and MY like and MY death ravine. So I continued exploring, getting more and more lost, until night came and I was eaten by zombies."