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Erkunde Bis, Print-Ausgabe und noch mehr! #LearningEnglish

Review: Formlabs' Brand New 3D Printer, the Form 2

The new flagship resin-based 3D printer from Formlabs features an expanded build volume along with a number of other surprises.

As the readers of this media site probably know, the first thing most people say when you discuss 3D printing is: “this is awesome, let’s make money with it.” When people ask me how to make money with 3D printing, what I usually tell them is “don’t invest money in 3D printing”. The second thing […]

Creator is an innovative 3D printer than uses half the space of conventional printers yet achieves the exact same result! How? The secret is in its moving platform that travels on both an X & Y axis so the extruder unit doesn’t have to. The resulting proportions are half the width, saving space without sacrificing product quality! #Technology #YankoDesign 33D #Printer

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