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Panzer IV Ausf H winter 43-44 in Ostland/ Russia, Ausf H version indicated by its turret Schürzen , it had hull Schürzen plates as well but probably removed to prevent excessive snow & mud build-up from clogging roadwheels. Spare tracks placed on front glacis & left of gun mantle served as applique armor. Turret roof had extra armor plates mounted against Soviet ground-attack aircrafts . Faint numerals on turret Schürzen shows number 825 for 8th company, 2nd platoon, 5th vehicle in…

Tiger 1 tanks along with Panther V Ausf D with Pz.Abt.51 in the build up to Operation Zitadelle

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-748-0099A-38, Russland, Panzer IV - Panzerkampfwagen IV – Wikipedia

Amazing Colourized Combat Footage From WW2 (High Quality) -

Panzer II | Panzer II Ausführung L "Luchs"

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F1, Russia?, 21 June 1941