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Erkunde Für Euch, Ich Hab und noch mehr!

Ich hab da was neues für euch: Karte der Woche: Ultimaya Tzolkin

30 day anime challange, day 5 - anime you're ashamed you enjoyed? Yu-Gi-Oh for sure ... the game itself isn't all that bad, I've played it myself a few times but the anime is just so lame! But it was one of the very, very few things to watch after coming back from school and it had Seto Kaiba! And evil Marik and Bakura ... hm, now that I think of it, I watched it mainly for the bad guys.

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12 DIY Costumes That Are Better Than Store-Bought Ones

Yugi. OMG!!! Alyssa do you remember Yugi-oh?!?!

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Ich hab da was neues für euch: Zensiert! Invasion of Chaos

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Yugioh Dueling Tips- It's A Trap

Yugioh continues to be a top player for gamers.

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Ich hab da was neues für euch: Opening: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharao