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Erkunde Lesen Mittwoch, Rezept und noch mehr!

Remarkable Things Spoken

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A Simple Truth – I Have To Face My Giants To Inherit The Land

What are your giants you are facing? Are you standing and fighting and trusting the Lord, or are you ready to turn and run?

Living the Life God Meant for You part 2 "Peace expands when you view the world through spirit lenses – when your focus is derived from your relationship with the Lord. True peace is most apparent in the middle of chaos: serious illness, children bickering, loss of a job or any other human condition placed in our path to distract us from our Father."

Most of us struggle to get to a point that we are willing & able to tell people no. What does saying no have to do with having a servant's heart? Does it sound like an oxymoron? It's not. Y'shua (Jesus) often says no, yet He is the absolute best example o

Mom, are you angry and yelling all the time?

Talk Softly | Just Plain Marie

Called or Compelled The Ultimate Pinterest Party, Week 66

Living the Life part 1: The Ultimate Pinterest Party, Week 68

Light can thread its way into the darkest places of our lives, bring hope and renewal. Nancy Ortberg writes about this in her new book Seeing in the Dark.

A beautiful book about grace and love in the midst of the worst nightmare for a mother. Check out my review.