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Toolbox CoWorking (Madrid) Ehemaliges Industrieareal zum CoworkingSpace umgestaltet

nt* Areal Basel Gutes Beispiel für vielfältige, flexible Zwischennutzung von Industriebrachen

Red Swing Project (started in Austin) Problem: blighted public spaces Solution: installation of red swings to inspire playfulness “We strive to positively impact under-utilized public spaces with simple red swings.” Open- source and replicable, the Red Swing Project website offers easy instructions on how to make and install the swings, urging people to take control of their environments.

Das Link-Portal verweist auf das Potenzial von Zwischennutzung und anderen informellen Methoden der Stadtentwicklung. Es soll auch zur Vernetzung der Akteure beitragen.

von Inhabitat

Brilliant Compost Program Trades Food Waste for Fresh Produce

What if you could trade your discarded food waste for fresh new fruits and veggies? That’s the idea behind Hello Compost – a service that offers fresh produce in exchange for compost in working class New York communities. The project, started by Parsons design students Aly Blenkin and Luke Keller, incentivizes residents to save organic matter from the garbage while encouraging better eating practices.