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Erkunde Sauerkrauteintopf Mit, Smoked Pre und noch mehr!

Sauerkrauteintopf mit Mettenden - sauerkraut hotpot with smoked pre-cooked sausages

These muffins are perfect for afternoon snacks, lunches and midnight trips to the kitchen. The recipe started as a banana bread / muffin recipe, but the addition of the berries really adds some flavour bursts into the mix.

Wie man RICHTIG Sushi isst [Anleitung, Movie]

Farmers markets are brimming with all sorts of fresh and bright produce at this time of the year. Leeks are one of those vegetables that most people tend to pass on, but is a vital flavor in one of my favorite soups, vichyssoise, a cold soup that combines the taste

As the name suggests, the Savory Slurper really loves to slurp, mostly in the form of soup. The farmers markets are getting in the summer harvest of squash right now, and I felt compelled to make one of my favorite soups, Butternut Squash Soup. Ive been making Butternut Squash Soup

As a kid, I dreaded BBQ nights. It was always a meal of well done (charcoal) meats and foil wrapped potatoes

Beetroot salad recipe (also known as red beets or garden beets) Salads @ ShareNoesis

[Burger Recipe] Yellow Burger from Eat St, the Cookbook