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A German Fallschirmjäger poses with his early model FG 42 (Ausführung "C") in France, 1944.

Fg 42 | FG-42 FG42 Fallschirmjagergevehr 42 Paratrooper's rifle, model 1942 another beautiful example of German engineering

Smiling German paratrooper carryng an MG and ammo. Russia 1943.

Normandy, Fallschirmjägers ( paratroopers). France 1944

German way of exiting the plane

German paratroopers. France , Normandie 1944

7.Flieger Div. Norway, pin by Paolo Marzioli

German paratroopers. France July 1944

Normandy , German Feldgendarme (military police) and a paratrooper. France 1944

German "Kriegsberichter" Toni Schneiders (France 1944)