Wasser, Wasser, Wasser !

Beine und Po - workout

Positive affirmations for your water. The quality of our life is connected to the quality of our water. Adding positive words to your drinking water is powerful. Since our bodies are 70% water, focusing on beautiful images with healing words and placing intention into your water can be a transformational healing tool.

love Nike's slogans.

This year I need to drink MORE water every day. I spend so much money on creams and shampoo but I'm missing out on what nourishes them the most!

Torte mit Überraschungseffekt

Haz de tu consumo de #agua diario algo divertido. Aderézalo con #frutas frescas. ¡Sano y riquísimo! #Hidratacion

Since I am an avid tennis player and love working out during the summer I need constant hydration. It is key to get the electrolytes and sugar to restore my energy so I don’t get dehydrated on the…

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