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Erkunde Usa, Beiträge und noch mehr!

Uns halten nur Grenzen, die wir uns selbst setzen.

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15 Profound Quotes About Heartbreak From Famous Authors

Stephen King | 15 Profound Quotes About Heartbreak From Famous Authors

let your past make you better not bitter and make it a happily ever after.. trying to remember this.. trying to change who I was into who I want to be.. and praying that certain people will come back into my life the way I want them there..

It would jump out of my chest, onto the ground and explode with pure happiness .. That is how bad I miss you.

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

YOU are constantly on my mind! Been dozing thinking about U..holding U in my arms..looking into those gorgeous eyes pulling you close for a long breathtaking kiss!!! I'm gonna go get swoll get outfor awhile. Wish I could come see you. I miss YOU Love YOU so much!!!!***


sometimes it is hard to remember that lonely is an acceptable alternative.