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caspar stromayr practica copiosa - ZVAB

P. Culmacher, Regimen wider die pestilenz;

Armamentarium Chirurgium by Johannes Scultetus, 1656 ( Tabula XXXI.

Antique surgical instruments | Leipzig 2012.

Armamentarium Chirurgium by Johannes Scultetus, 1656 ( Tabula XVI.

Valentine Greatrakes (14 February 1628 - 28 November 1683). For many centuries, healing by stroking a patient was considered to be an effective treatment because it made use of the supposed phenomenon of animal magnetism. Here depicted Valentine Greatrakes, an Irish faith healer, curing a boy with this method.

Johannes Scultetus. χειροπλοθεκε [Cheiroplotheke]. Armamentarium chirurgicum... 1655 ( Tabula XXIX.

Surgical instruments set out ready from operation. 1559.

This medicine chest was made for Vincenzo Giustiniani (d. 1570), the last Genoese governor of the island of Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea. He ruled Chios from 1562 until the Turks expelled the Genoese in 1566 after an occupation of some two hundred years.

WMS 990 Monks performing eye surgery

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