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Bowl with Engraved Figures of Vices, 1150-1200 Germany, Gothic period, 12th century

The largest known late medieval world map was the "Ebstorf Mappa Mundi". This map named for the Benedictine monastery in Ebstorf Germany where it was found in 1830. The map was most likely produced in the middle of the thirteenth century. Unfortunately the map was completely destroyed during the Second World War.

Jug Date: first half 14th century Geography: Made in Siegburg, Lower Rhineland, Germany Culture: German Medium: Proto-stoneware, unglazed

Coffret (Minnekästchen); oak wrought with ivory mounts, inlay and tempera; Upper Rhineland, Germany, circa 1325-50

November: Magdeburg Knights in miniature - State Office for Heritage and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt / State Museum of Prehistory Halle

Coffret Date: 1325–50 Geography: Made in Upper Rhineland, Germany Culture: German Medium: Oak, inlay, and tempera; wrought-iron mounts

"Her Herrand II. von Wildonie, südlich von Graz", in "Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Codex Manesse)", Zürich, ca. 1300-1340