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EXAwebpaper Virgil Raber

Article: "Armory as Self-Representation"

(223) Charles de BRIMEU, comte de Meghem (†1569) -- "Messire Charles de Brimeu, conte de Meghen, seigneur de Humbercourt" -- Armorial plate from the Order of the Golden Fleece, 1559, Saint Bavo Cathedral, Gent

Don't have any information about this one, but it looks painted.

West Kingdom website with good description of proportions of shields and dividers.


British Artist and Photographer Andrew Stewart Jamieson, Fine Art, Coats of Arms, Heraldry, Heraldic Art, Heraldic Artists, Coats of Arms, Illuminated Manuscripts, Letters Patent, Presentation Scrolls

EXAwebpaper Virgil Raber

«Segar's Roll», English Roll of arms, c. 1282. College of Arms. -- 20 arms of monarchs as follows, rows from top left: 1 (Pope?) 2 (Jerusalem) 3 Constantinoble 4 Grece 5 Almayne 6 Fraunce 7 Engleterre 8 Seynt Edmun(d) le Rey 9 Seynt Edward le Rey 10 Espaygne 11 Galyce 12 Navvare 13 Palialogre 14 Denemarche 15 Escoce 16 Portingal 17 Tartari 18 Aragonne 19 Ermeny 20 Egipte.