Erkunde Yi Fan Kris, Chanyeol Ft und noch mehr!

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Chanyeol oppa if you are reading this i want you to continue making that space for Kris oppa~ someday you guys will reunite and be one again so don't stop making that space and imagine Kris being by your side~! #EXOWEAREONE #WEBELIEVEINYOUKRIS -HHK^^

EXO Tao Kris ... and D.O. creepin' in the back.

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Twitter / SMTownFamily: {OFFICIAL} 140414 Exo's Overdose Unreleased teaser photos - Kris

Kris EXO derp macro

Luhan~ Why did you leave??? (Okay I know why, I'm just still sad about it)

"O'hana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. But, you can leave if you want to, I'll remember you though."-Lilo Stitch

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