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Buick Century Convertible 1955 for sale (Originalfarbe)

Buick Special 1961 Frontdetail

1959 OLDSMOBILE NINETY-EIGHT: In 1959, size denoted class in domestic cars and Oldsmobile’s top-line Series 98 model was not small. The longest General Motors car that year, the overall length was more than 18 feet. Standard equipment included turn signals, air scoop brakes, Safety spectrum speedometer, rocker panel moldings, parking brake light, sponge vinyl headliner, deep twist carpeting, electric clock, wheel trim moldings, power steering, power brakes, & Jetaway Hydramatic Drive.

DKW Junior in black & grey (Originalfarbe)

Opel Rekord P2 (Originalfarbe)

Fiat 1500 in Originalfarbe

Buick Century Convertible in three pack Poster for sale

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