Erkunde John F. Kennedy S, Kennedy S Camelot und noch mehr!

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Sen. John F. Kennedy during his Presidential campaign. Location: US Date taken: September 1960 Photographer: Paul Schutzer

Robert Kennedy Date taken: 1964 Photographer: John Loengard

Max Scheler John F. Kennedy im Oval Office des Weißen Hauses, Washington, USA 1963

Image: John F. Kennedy by Shirley Seltzer Cooper / Pastel, 1961 National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Ted Cooper

: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy shot by Lee Harvey Oswald while traveling in a motor-cade with his wife Jackie year November 1963. Very sad day for America, a very sad day for the world .

President John F. Kennedy by Ralph Wolfe Cowan

JFK and JFK Jr. at Camp David in Maryland. Jackie is in the background (March 31, 1963

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