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Das große Rasenstück

(Shan) Zhi Zi (Gardeniae Fructus or, gardenia seeds)

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Company transforms shipping containers into cheap floating dorms

Ambitious: There are plans to open a much bigger Urban Rigger complex in Gothenburg, Sweden, with 24 connected rigs

People with assets have got richer, while people without have not... Theresa May on downsides of central planning in monetary policy (ie via quantitative easing of fractionally reserved fiduciary media *assets* upstream of those who receive the "money" in wages)

Pontus Skoglund ‏ Harvard Medical School genomics tweets: "Out-of-Africa bottleneck in average sequence divergences in the SGDP. Within-African diversity greater than differences between non-Africans"

▶ The night is cold here in Sendai north of Tokyo... [Reuters video report on homeless cleaning up Fukushima nuclear fallout] image: Times Square Waterford Crystal ball

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Fractus or Fructus? One letter ― one careless moment, a penumbra perhaps ― decides| so is Penumbra's body politic Public or Pubic? | Embedded image permalink embarrasses Forbes social media copyeditor H/T drew olanoff ‏@drew tweet

Fractal Art - I can't find the original source. Anyone?

Schuedi mit Mirabellen und Mohnbutter

Timeline of timelines [poster] Sasha Archibald and Daniel Rosenberg tha­t appeared in Cabinet's "Histories of the Future" issue; concludes at the millenium with discussion of professional semioticians' struggle with the problem of constructing an iconographic language capable of communicating radiation dangers long after the death of current languages; prepared for US government nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mt NV