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Looks so elven, but, maybe a Dark Elf? Oh, that gives me ideas!:

Prunkvolles*Elben*Mittelalterkleid*Brokat*Gewand*Gothik | eBay

41 Incredible Ren #Faire Costumes ... → #Fashion #Incredible

Elfenkleid Sweater mit Kapuze lang

Make Non-Fantasy Boots, Fantasy Boots | Tear long strips of colored linen (or coffee stain cheese cloth) and wrap it around your not-so-fantasy-boots. Also, it's not permanent!

photo by Pierre Leszczyk Empire Art for Couture Noir by Linda Friesen Eine tiefe Dunkelheit, ein einsamer Weg, weit hinten ein altes Gemäuer, prachtvoll

This looks like it would make a great fairy / elf costume.

Shred a long piece of jersey fabric to fit over existing dress?