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Mittelerde: Mordors Schatten – Statistiken veröffenbtlicht.

Alternate Chaotic Neutral text - This character says and acts out the word slather incorrectly all the time as in I'm going to slather that goblin

Skyrim Screenshot -

Paarthurnax. The Blades always tell me to kill him but I just don't have the heart to after he was so nice to me and aided me in destroying his brother Alduin. Also I like dragons so.

Gaming Rules. ---I would rather chew my hand off than lower the difficulty.

Word Wall. Almost looks like a beach, which would be interesting to see. Especially when the Nords first came from Atmora, when the Mer were the only humanoids, since Skyrim was more temperate then

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Marie Romano Stroup Painting; Rebirth by alicexz.deviantart