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Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Randen, Käse, Holztisch, Hand, Eisen, Papier

Stack Of Aged Cheese And Meat On A Cutting Board And Wooden Table.

rolls of cabbage and meat baked in the oven with parmesan cheese. on a wooden table

Hot Turkish pide pizza closeup on a wooden table. horizontal top view.above, background, baked, beef, brown, buffet, cheese, chopped, closeup, cooking, cuisine, delicious, diner, dining, dinner, dough, eat, flavor, food, fresh, garlic, handmade, homemade, horizontal, hungry, lahmacun, lunch, meal, meat, nutrition, paper, paprika, parsley, pastry, pepper, pide, pie, pita, pizza, restaurant, roasted, rustic, spice, tomato, top, traditional, turkey, turkish, view

Hot Turkish pide pizza closeup on a wooden table. horizontal top view. pide, view, turkish, top, lahmacun, pizza, closeup, deceitful, meal, pepper, on, dough, brown, horizontal, buffet, garlic, roasted, traditional, dinner, pita, eat, diner, cheese, paper, cuisine, pastry, dining, background, nutrition, cooking, baked, food, parsley, chopped, paprika, beef, spice, delicious, white, flavor, restaurant, homemade, handmade, pie, tomato, lunch, above, fresh, meat, rustic, hungry

wooden table with glasses for champagne drink as guests enter vineyard. also include mason jars of lemonade and sweet tea. chalk board beside table with program for ceremony.


Edison in Washington. Skagit Valley’s emerging foodie destination. At Breadfarm bakery, try sour cherry–lemon bread loaves and Samish River potato bread made from local spuds. Next door, small gourmet shop Slough Food sells local cheeses, cured meats and wines both local and international. And one more door down, Tweets serves breakfasts of biscuits with lamb gravy (or huckleberry ice cream, if that’s how your mornings roll) on raw-hewn wooden tables.

Turkey & Cheese Foldit® Flatbread Club

1 Flatout Foldit® Artisan Flatbread 2 oz deli turkey 1 slice 2% milk American cheese 1 green lettuce leaf 2 slices tomato 2 slices cucumber Layer lettuce and tomato on one half of HG Foldit; add turkey, cucumbers and cheese. Top with favorite condiment. Fold in half.

10 unexpected recipes using cauliflower

Yellow, purple and white cauliflower heads on a wooden table