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Stefansbachtal Gevelsberg: Leben im Teich: Kugelblaualge (Chroococcus turgidus) (Cyanobacteria)

Incríveis fotografias microscópicas de William Mark


Water Flea with eggs - Daphnia pulex - This most common species of water flea belongs to the family Daphiniidae. It has a cosmopolitan distribution in a wide range of aquatic habitats, although it is most closely associated with small, shaded pools and lakes of an oligotrophic nature. (Their range extends across most of the world - Americas, Europe & Australia - in appropriate habitats, most of which offer little by way of nutrients)

Food Under The Microscope

A Strawberry Food Under The Microscope

Viruses seen with the Transmission Electron Microscope. HIV virus

Stellaria holostea, Greater stitchwort pollen [Rob Kesseler] Author: Rob Kesseler FLS. FRSA. Date: 2009

The ball shaped multicellular algae, Volvox carteri.

Dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus. This mite is eight legged of which six legs are visible (at lower frame). The mite has an unsegmented, round body. It's mouthparts (at lower centre) are highly adapted to feeding on the dead scales of human skin found in household dust. Dust mites are relatives of spiders and scorpions.

Bread Mold Sporangium. Even in the smallest of things God shows His artistic side.