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Erkunde Fotoarbeiten, Bummer und noch mehr!

Seriously, this looks like Ai Weiwei. But it sure isn’t. Under the mask is… bummer – we cannot say that. All we know he is a Proud Morbey model. Wrapped up dark and mysterious.

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Frohe Ostern, Happy Easter, ハッピーイースター

Proud Larry. You'll love him. Twenty nine bucks and he is all yours. Just to mention: he doesn't REALLY glow in the dark ;-)

Proud Ken and his bro's come down with a super cool moshi moshi - the japanese hello. It's -bam-, dude!

Who's that girl? The silhouette doesn't show. Lady Gaga - no. Rihanna - no. It's one of our beautiful Proud Morbey models!

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The stage is dark. The audience excitedly waiting for the show to begin. Is it about time, yet? Shouldn’t the show already be rolling? What is taking so long? Wait! A spot is on! The light illuminates the golden curtains. Twinkle, twinkle little star we don’t know where you are… Music arouses and all of a sudden Proud Mike jumps to the stage firing up a fantastic show as only Proud Mike can rock it! The audience goes crazy! Ladies are screaming!! Oh, Proud Mike, you are a star indeed!

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