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Erkunde Fotoarbeiten, Bummer und noch mehr!

Seriously, this looks like Ai Weiwei. But it sure isn’t. Under the mask is… bummer – we cannot say that. All we know he is a Proud Morbey model. Wrapped up dark and mysterious.

Low Key Trial - No.1-4 - Stephan Teuscher on 500px Sie finden meine Fotoarbeiten auch auf [You will find my photographic works also on] : Flickr | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Google | Pinterest ... Fotografie / photography / Menschen / people / Portrait / Porträtfotografie / portrait photography

Who's that girl? The silhouette doesn't show. Lady Gaga - no. Rihanna - no. It's one of our beautiful Proud Morbey models!

“Romeo, o Romeo. O where is my Romeo?” shouts Juliet. When Romeo later visits Juliet, he traverses the undercrossing to her house. Standing on the balcony, a true love story begins. Out of so many people, these two fall in love. Here in Verona is where the story begins. As you can see, the undercrossing also shouts for Proud Morbey. We know. We’ve been there… Are you a true Juliet? Why not surprise your Romeo with some romantic fabrics :)

Become a spring maniac by applying all your favourite flashy colors on our most cool tees. Be this season's style hero - dress up Proud Morbey style!

Dear all, this is just a nice summer greeting from Proud Morbey. We hope you are all doing fine and wishing you the best summer with the most enjoyable adventures ever! See you on Proud Morbey social media and in our apparel. Keep rocking – Proud Morbey

In remembrance of the old, the good, the white Proud Morbey website. It's history. Check out our new site on

Pretty awesome toilet notice! We find quite a lot Proud Morbey labels, tags, graffiti and stuff in toilet rooms, nowadays. Proud Morbey stuff looks great everywhere :-) You guys spread the word! After all, please note, we don’t encourage vandalism. Act responsible. Thank you.

Make sure your morning coffee stains hit something else than your Proud Morbey clothes!

Hello dear friends of Proud Morbey :-) Finally, the day has come. We proudly present our new website. Preppy, vivid and colorful – like our clothes. We’re sure you find something cool. Lots of fun digging, discovering and enjoying the new experience.